I am not really a fashionable person. My friends, who always want their wardrobes to be updated with the latest trends, would often call me a fashion rebel. They cannot bear my fashion sense. I just wear t-shirts and pants or shorts all the time. I love my sneakers or sandals to go with my casual wear. In my mind, I do not look crappy at all. I just do not believe in going with the current trend and buying new clothes just for the sake of keeping up with what the fashion industry says we should wear. I have always been a believer of comfort over style. I will not be caught dead wearing something deemed fashionable but really makes me feel uneasy while wearing it. Yes, give me my good old pair of jeans and a t-shirt anytime and we are good. I have seen my friends wearing high heeled stilettos but cannot move comfortably. Worse, they have tender and sore feet at the end of the day. I will not have any of it. I will not spend a hundred bucks just so I cannot walk properly each time I wear those fashionable stilettos. No, thank you. And those designer pieces! Some of them are not even practical to wear because of their avant-garde style that seem too much when worn in the real world. I mean they may look good on fashion models who catwalk on the runway. But they are not fit to wear at work, in the mall, or in the streets. I guess you can say that I am practical by nature. I call my style fashion with sense. I wear what makes me feel comfortable. I wear what suits my lifestyle and personality. I wear what is within my budget. And if that means I have to buy preloved but decent clothes then that’s what I will do. I do not care what my friends would say. For me, what I have in the wardrobe is all I need. I find the fashion industry very fickle minded. What is in now will be out of style in a few month’s time. And if you are the type of person who updates his or her wardrobe with the current trends, then you will be left with a closet full of outdated clothes, shoes, and accessories in a few years’ time. That is such a waste of money. I am the type of person who invests in classic pieces such as current sense resistors 4 terminals. I do not go with the current trends because sooner or later, they will be out of the picture. unlike my classic wardrobe that never goes out of style. So you see, I am not a fashion rebel at all. I actually value fashion. Although mine is fashion with a sense. Fashion that is not dictated by fashion magazines. Fashion that is comfortable. Fashion that shows my personality. Fashion that presents who I really am to the rest of the world.