What Our Customers Say 


Our valued customers’ feedback is the measure of our success. We are very honored to serve what may be the world’s most discerning clientele. Number Lab is an independent, men and woman-owned and operated clothing and accessories company, located in the heart of Milwaukee. We produce a seasonal line of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing as well as shoes and apparel. The Number Lab clothing will ensure that you stand out from the crowd from our fashionable line. 100% of our garments are made from start to finish right here in Milwaukee. Visit Number Lab Boutique for locally designed and handmade apparel and accessories. 


Kristine D. 

Number Lab is great for creative and unique last minute gifts. I always go shopping at Number Lab for someone else and there’s always something to find, such as cute accessories in their boutique. All I have is to do is to buy for myself. 


Hannah F. 

I’ve visited your shop on Sunday afternoon and I had the best time. Your staff was so helpful to me. They helped us find clothes that will suit the event I will attend. They also match accessories to it. You’re lucky to have hardworking and friendly employees. 


Lilibeth Q. 

This store is amazing! You will find a great selection of clothes and apparels, there is always something for everyone, they have great lines of local designers.The clothes, jewelry, hats, socks, scarves, shoes, everything have gorgeous designs. My husband and I always visit Number Lab at their physical boutique in Milwaukee to buy presents for Christmas every year and we always find the best presents ever. 


Monique V. 

I’ve spread the gospel of Number Lab around the world, as your clothes are perfectly suited for everyone! I have been complimented several times on my Number Lab outfits wherever I go, as well in different countries I’ve visited.