About Us 

 Welcome to our fashionable world. PrettyLittleThing was founded in 2015 by siblings Katie and Brian. From humble beginnings as an accessory-only brand with just a few products selling in our garage, we’ve since grown into a forward-thinking fashion brand aimed at bringing affordable, fashionable and trendy clothing to men and women fashion breakers and makers. 


Our business is all about fashion. We don’t just follow the trends, Number Lab creates local fashionable clothes and apparel, as we deliver our ladies and gents products inspired by the celebrity and coolest influencers of our modern age. Our aim is to show and interpret the fashion style and make it accessible to every customer whatever your budget. 


We’ve experienced huge growth since we launched our first product, we currently have an online boutique that delivers anywhere in America and several branches with no sign of slowing down the market. Number Lab has so many ambitions. We are constantly on the lookout for people who are passionate and dedicated to making big things happen. 


We always keep in mind that our success happened because of our committed team who have been working so hard in the online world and store branches since the brand first launched onto the scene. This is why we encourage every talented individual who love what they do and are passionate in this field to come and apply for our vacancies. Our brand principle is all about fashion, style, innovation, and creation, therefore, we love to work with people who also have that vision. If you have the courage and determination to work at Number Lab, we are here waiting to work with you. For further details about the jobs we offer, kindly message us through email or simply visit our main branch in Milwaukee.